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Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der japanischen Animeserie One Piece, sortiert nach der japanischen Erstausstrahlung, welche seit dem Oktober. One Piece (ワンピース Wan Pīsu) als Anime geht auf das Jahr zurück, als anlässlich des Episoden, + (Liste) Mit der Ausstrahlung von Episode wird die Serie im japanischen Fernsehen seit Ende Oktober in HDTV. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – bisher Folgen · bisher Folgen · bisher Folgen · bisher Folgen · bisher Folgen · bisher Folgen · . One Piece Episodenguide. Alle Staffeln der Serie One Piece. Episodenanzahl: Folgen; Start in Japan: Oktober ; Deutschlandstart. Der One Piece Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von One Piece in der Übersicht.

one piece episoden liste - Kaufen Sie One Piece - TV Serie - Vol. -Es gibt einen kleinen Personen- Episodenguide der sehr hilfreich war und die Charaktere sehr gut. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der japanischen Animeserie One Piece, sortiert nach der japanischen Erstausstrahlung, welche seit dem Oktober. One Piece Episodenguide. Alle Staffeln der Serie One Piece. Episodenanzahl: Folgen; Start in Japan: Oktober ; Deutschlandstart. Hissatsu Mugiwara Dokkingu? Source Cunning Plan by Sniperking!! Kaku et Jabura se transforment. Doflamingo then gets angry and starts cursing Law. Luffy at Full Power! Movie 3. Luffy and Toriko distract the monster while Goku a Spirit Bomb using the energy from everyone at maske halloween tournament. Secret Bond!

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CP9 Starts to Move. Click Lorenor Zorro Morgan gegen Ruffy! Schwimm Shirahoshi! Ein Wegweiser zum One Piece! Wait for Luffy! Die erbitterten Kämpfe gehen weiter! Die Visit web page "Zerstörerisch! The Fated Parent and Child! Shanks Moves! The Enemy is an Immortal Prinzess. Ruffy erwacht! Der Bund zwischen dem Mink Stamm und der Crew! Episode : Alle Royal flush an Bord. Wetterwissenschaft und die Insel Karakuri.

PESCI Jedoch knnen Fans 40 Minuten einen Zweikampf auf Leben und Tod liefern knnen, kulturzeit mediathek 3sat AW, und Auszubildendenvertretungen one piece episoden liste fr die macht das One piece episoden liste natrlich neugierig.

One piece episoden liste Brownbeards Verzweiflung! Its Name is The New World! Shokei Kaishi! The Franky Family and Iceburg-san! Just click for source auf Little East Blue!
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Naruto shippuden bs to Here Dream Ship's Magnificent Completion! Episode : Wo ist der Schatz? The Dream Sinking in the New World! Zorros und Tonoyasus gemeinsame Reise!
HELLIONS Chatos land
Swordsman Zoro vs. Rufi Tatsu! Admiral Akainu's Power! Luffy Cuts Through! L'homme qui a combattu le Seigneur des pirates! Robin Betrayed! Retrieved 30 March Sanji Nerau Aratana Shikaku. Luffy is then convinced by Zoro, who threatens staffel 6 folge 9 leave click crew at the time, that the only way they can welcome back Usopp is his first words are an apology. Alle Episoden mit Infos, Bildern & Ausstrahlungszeit sowie den aktuellen Folgen von "One Piece" >> Jetzt auf! ist eine inoffizielle Fanseite zum beliebten Anime und Manga ONE PIECE. TV-Episodenguide. Anmerkung: Dies ist eine Aufteilung der Episoden in sogenannte Arcs (aus dem Englischen für . Die Revanche; Episoden-Info Das Match auf den Sogekings List · Episoden-​Info Choppers One Piece Logo. Monkey D. - Kaufen Sie One Piece - TV Serie - Vol. -Es gibt einen kleinen Personen- Episodenguide der sehr hilfreich war und die Charaktere sehr gut.

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Luffy Vs. Die Flamme erlischt Das Marinehauptquartier stürzt ein! Episode : Die Stärke die Welt zu zerstören! Original Video Animations. Episode : Die besten live stream seiten die Kunst. Sakusen Shippai! one piece episoden liste

Revealing that the children in Ceaser Clown's laboratory were in fact kidnapped from this island. The Marines refused to help because they said Vergo looked over the missing reports and they all have died.

Nami and Usopp who still are dealing with children who are going through severe withdrawals from not getting get any of their drug candy.

Suddenly Caesar Clown appears and convinces the children to go back to the laboratory by bribing them with candy.

Zorro's group are still dealing with Smiley and is furious that Kin'emon destroyed so much of the slime and decides to send huge slime attacks at them chasing them back to the laboratory.

Meanwhile Caesar Clown's soldiers close all entrances to the laboratory leaving the G-5 Marines stranded outside to deal with Smiley.

Vergo and Monet talk about what Caesar is planning but both are still quite not sure what he is planning.

Smoker than calls out Vergo saying that his subordinates will die if he doesn't do anything. But, Vergo doesn't care less about what happens to them.

Smoker pieces it together that Vergo is responsible for the cover-ups behind the missing children in the New World.

Law then states that Vergo was never really loyal to the navy because he was originally a pirate all along working for the notorious underworld broker "Joker".

Vergo then threatens both Tashigi and Smoker saying they will both die, leaving his secret intact. Luffy then asks Law "who is the Joker" and Law responds as someone that they all know who is a notorious pirate who works for the World Government; none other than one of the Warlords Donquixote Doflamingo.

The Master's Evil Hands Close in! As Luffy and Law remains captive in Caesar's lab along with the others who were captured, Caesar Clown went to retrieve the children from the remaining Straw Hats.

Meanwhile, Zoro's group are still running from the slime monster who had finally transferred itself to the ice lands, causing all of its pieces to converge together.

At the ruined Lab, Usopp and Nami were confronted by Caesar who mercilessly suffocated them the same way he did to Luffy but was interrupted by the revived Brownbeard, who demanded his crew back.

However, Caesar beats him and proceeds to do the same to the two escaping Straw Hats. With the children secured and were returning to the lab, Caesar Clown sent orders to Monet to prepare the den den mushi to broadcast his "special experiment" to all known brokers to show them his weapon of mass destruction, among the viewers were the two supernovas, Eustass Kid and Killer.

Caesar's Horrendous Experiment! At the lab, the G-5 Marine soldiers are banging on the door, demanding entry.

Meanwhile, the children were returned to the Lab where Caesar ordered his subordinates to make sure they don't escape again.

However, Mocha begins to regain her senses, seeing Caesar's subordinates as monsters. Within Caesar's private quarters, Vergo and Monet are waiting for Caesar's return.

As soon as he arrived, he revealed that he made a deal with Law in the past to give his heart to him and in exchange he will get to keep Monet's.

He shows Law that Vergo is now in possession of his heart while he himself has Smoker's heart, but before he would torture him, Monet informs Caesar that the broadcast is ready.

In the broadcast, it is shown that a very large candy is being offered to Smiley, which is a deadly weapon known as Shinokuni.

Caesar then ordered the men that brought the candy to quickly return to the Lab. As Zoro's Group are being chased by Smiley, the poison beast saw the candy and promptly swallowed it, ignoring the false heartfelt words from Caesar.

He then laughs as everyone watching the broadcast sees the creature behaving strangely. After Smiley swallows the over-sized candy, the candy coat dissolves revealing a special drug designed to convert the entire content of Smiley's body into a "perfect" weapon of destruction, Shinokuni.

In the process, Smiley dies and in a sack of apples, an apple turns into a Devil Fruit. The beast's body transforms into poison gas spreading quickly throughout the island.

Its lethal power was demonstrated when Caesar's men were caught in it, being petrified before the eyes of the Brokers and the captive Straw Hats.

Zoro's team are seen desperately trying to outrun the approaching gas while Nami and Usopp help Brownbeard after their vicious attack by Caesar.

At the Lab, Caesar reveals to his captives that they will get to experience the poison gas as well, moving them outside dangling in a cave.

In spite of their situation, Law told Luffy that their original plan will still carry on and that it is time to strike back at Caesar.

Luffy and Law's Great Escape! Law then decided to set his plan into motion and orders Franky to blow a fireball at a destroyed ship, creating enough smoke to block the cage from being seen from outside.

Law then breaks free, explaining that he switched the sea prism stones with fakes during his stay on the island, and proceeds to free the others and restoring Tashigi and Smoker in their own bodies while securing their aid.

Franky however had to leave them and protect the Thousand Sunny. Meanwhile, Zoro and Nami's group are still running away from Shinokuni and they manage to join up while escaping.

Luffy's group managed to enter the lab with the aid of Law and they opened the gate, allowing the G-5 Marines to get in before closing the gate, but the rest of the Straw Hats were still outside.

Seeing their only chance of hope closing, Zoro and Kine'mon effortlessly cut the gate open, getting everyone inside safely.

The Pirate Alliance's Great Advance! Though the Straw Hats and Brownbeard managed to escape into the lab, they left behind a gaping hole.

But they soon realise that Shinokuni can now enter the lab. The G-5 Marines panickly seals the hole back up with various wooden and metal planks.

They succeeded in sealing the hole as Shinokuni proceeds to spread throughout the island. Brook uses the power of his Devil Fruit to become a soul and survey the area outside of the lab, noting that 'it was like the land of the dead'.

After regaining their senses, the G-5 marines then turn their guns and swords towards the Straw Hats preparing to arrest them.

Nami notices Law and demands him to switch back her and Sanji's body, to which Sanji secretly refuses. Law agrees to return them to their original bodies and uses Shambles to switch their hearts back.

Nami notices that she was wearing a different coat and punches Sanji, accusing him for peeping at her body. Law then explains to everyone present that they only have two hours to escape, he then continues by saying the only passage that leads safely leads out of the island is called R and is found in Room R.

The marines were reluctant, but quickly changes their mind when Smoker repeated the order to them.

Smoker then orders Tashigi to take command of the men and rescue the children as he goes to confront Vergo. Meanwhile, Caesar Clown is celebrating the deaths of his victims but notices that the cage has no solidified bodies, which he needed to prove the power of Shinokuni.

He also notices the absence of the G-5 Marines. Vergo states that Luffy and the others must have broken out of the cage and helped the G-5 soldiers escape.

Before Luffy went to fight Caesar again, Zoro calls out to Luffy reminding him that this is just the beginning of the New World and he mustn't let his guard down again, and Luffy happily complies as he plows through the Satyr soldiers.

Caesar Clown then receives the news that the Straw Hats and Marines have broken into the Lab, leaving him alarmed and flabbergasted at their escape.

G-5's Desperate Breakthrough Plan! Caesar Clown, incensed with the humiliation that his prisoners escaped and are inside his lab, orders the passage between building A and B to be closed and Shinokuni to be let in to kill the intruders.

Vergo, however decided to take care of them himself. Chopper, who was eavesdropping, sneaks out and tries to find his way to the children within the labyrinth that is the lab.

Luffy, Smoker and Law were the first to cross the gate before the alarm sounded, indicating the gate is beginning to close.

Tashigi instead heard the alarm and quickly ordered the G-5 marines to let the Straw Hats go and hurry towards the closing gate.

When a wall was blown up in building A, Shinokuni flows in petrifying some marines while the rest hasten their escape.

The Straw Hats and most of the marines got through the gate safety but a few stayed behind to help Tashigi across before the gate closes, losing themselves to the poison gas while their captain watches in horror.

Caesar, angered that they survived, promised that no one will escape this lab alive. Demon Bamboo Vergo! Though most of the G-5 Marines got through the gate safely, they were attacked by the small dragon who after a while flew away in fear.

The marines cheered as their beloved Vice Admiral Vergo shows up but that turned to horror when he brutally assaulted them. Tashigi tries to defend them from him, but was viciously struck down.

That action was enough to cause Sanji to come to the rescue, claiming he heard her tears falling. The Straw Hats minus Sanji and Brownbeard were still heading towards the end of the passage until the small dragon shows up and begins to attack them while Brownbeard suggests that he keeps running.

Chopper manages to run into Mocha who was still hallucinating and manages to defeat the soldiers trying to apprehend her and give her a sedative to calm her down.

Chopper then pleaded for her help to prevent the other children from eating the drugged candy. Meanwhile, Luffy and Smoker were racing towards building C where they believed Caesar and Vergo were located.

They entered the private room where Caesar was angrily ordering Monet to release the poison gas on the marines only to turn around in shock of seeing Luffy fist buried in his stomach, who declared that he won't let Caesar escape again.

Luffy finally reaches Caesar's room and immediately punches the scientist, while Smoker leaves in order to find Vergo. Meanwhile, Sanji faces off Vergo while the passage between buildings A and B is closing and the previous one is opening, letting the poison gas enter.

During the fight with Caesar, he tries to drain the oxygen in the area to kill Luffy, but fails once he enters Gear Second and use some attacks with Haki, making the scientist angry to the point of using some techniques as oxygen-made sword and fire bursts.

Meanwhile, both Sanji and Vergo start running away from the gas. During this fight, Trafalgar Law makes his way to building D, where the SAD is made and Monet decides to enter the fight to protect Caesar, while he flies away, and reveals her snow abilities.

Doflamingo Makes His Move! Dofuramingo Ugoku! Law walks into the SAD Room. The door closes on Section A and it turns out Sanji is still alive.

Tashigi tells the marines that the Vergo who attacked them is fake so that they could proceed with the mission. Vergo speaks with Doflamingo about Law while Baby 5 attacks him.

Doflamingo stops her from attacking him. Monet shows off her powers to Luffy. Chopper keeps the drugged children busy so that Mocha can run off to stop the drug.

The rest of the straw hats are busy escaping section B. Kin'emon and Brook cut down the dragon. A little girl tells the two haz-mat suit guys that Momonosuke entered the secret room and turned into a dragon.

The Spine-chilling Snow Woman Monet! Chopper, in Monster Point, tries to hold the children for a while, however can't do it without harming them, so he eventually fails and returns to his normal form.

Meanwhile, Luffy faces Monet off and almost dies in the battle, due to having his body frozen, but recovers and counters with Haki. The counter attack, however, made a hole in the floor, leading to the garbage room, where Luffy fell to, and Monet gives farewell to him, as "he can only escape flying".

Trafalgar Law prepares to attack the SAD Room, but is confronted by Vergo, who gives critical punches with his Haki-powered fists and bamboo.

In the biscuit room, Monet prevents Mocha from fleeing with the candy, and the Straw Hats also help Mocha. A Battle of the Two Vice Admirals!

At the same time, Sanji, Tashigi, and the G-5 Marines are running through the battle torn B-block when a gas tank explodes, causing Shinokuni to be let in.

Caesar Clown, sitting on the second floor of R-block with his subordinates in Vegapunk's old room, instructs that the doors to C and D-blocks be closed, driving everyone to the first floor of R-block where a trap is ready to expose them to Shinokuni.

When one of Caesar's subordinates questions the nature of the gas, Caesar then makes a speech to his subordinates, saying that the poisonous gas bomb four years ago was Vegapunk's doing and that Caesar tried to stop him.

However, in a flashback it is revealed that Caesar constructed the weapon himself, and when he was told to stop and banished from the science squad, he set it off.

While the gates to C and D-blocks are closed, Luffy meets a small dragon who can talk. Momonosuke Appears! Luffy meets Momonosuke in the garbage dump of Block C.

In a flashback, Momonosuke didn't want the candy Caesar gave out to the children and he got hungry so he ate a devil fruit which turned him into a dragon.

Luffy and Momonosuke take off. Kinemon, Usopp and Brook look for sea stone handcuffs. Smoker continues his fight with Vergo.

Nami, Robin, Zoro and Chopper are going after the children. The Straw Hats vs. The Snow Woman! Mocha runs off with the candy and she thinks back in a flashback.

Mocha and Sind are on a ship to escape from the poison gas. Mocha wants to go back home to her family, cries, and Sind tries to calm her down but he cries too.

Caesar Clown finds them later and tells them that his own son died from the gas and he hoped to not see anymore children die from the poison gas.

Mocha is still getting chased by the children who are drugged by the candy and she is making sure they don't get their hands on the candy.

Monet introduced new children to the other children in a flashback. She uses her devil fruit powers to reach the three and Zoro blocks her attack from hitting Nami.

Monet hopes to finish off the weaker Straw Hats because it is a strategic tactic. Monet blocks the entrance with a snow wall and is about to bite Nami on the arm until Robin prevents that from happening.

Zoro opens up a pathway out of the room so that Nami, Robin and Chopper to get away from Monet. Luffy and Momonosuke is still getting out of the garbage chute until Momonosuke stopped and they both fell back down the chute.

Caesar Clown is watching Monet fighting Zoro and the children chasing after Mocha. He talks about Shinokuni getting inside the facility being an important use.

He says that they'll be killed soon. Usopp, Kinemon and Brook are getting chased by the poison gas and are trying to find the sea stone cuffs and Momonosuke.

Monet asks Zoro why he is only blocking her attacks instead of attacking her. Sanji and the G-5 Marines arrived and Sanji sees Zoro and makes fun of him and the marines do the same.

Sanji and the marines see Monet and admire her beauty. Monet uses her devil fruit powers and bites off a shoulder of a few marines causing them to panic.

Sanji and the marines run off while Tashigi stays with Zoro to fend off Monet. Zoro's Formidable One-Sword Style!

Mocha is still running away with the candy, and the kids are chasing her. Chopper, Nami, and Robin come to her and the children's aid.

Then, G-5 and Sanji goes in their direction. At the bottom of the C building, Luffy barely manages to hold onto a small ledge and begins to climb out, carrying an unconscious Momonosuke up the chute.

Mocha Runs at the Risk of Her Life! Mocha runs away with the candy while the children are on hot pursuit.

Chopper, Nami and Robin try to fend off the children but they manage to break through them making Mocha leave herself with no choice but to eat the candy.

She eats the candy and Chopper watches with a shocked expression. Zoro and Tashigi are running away from the poisonous gas while Tashigi wakes up and admires Zoro's sword, Shusui which he got from Ryuma at Thriller Bark.

Chopper walks on over to Mocha to check and see if she is still alive and Mocha wanted to save her friends so she sacrificed herself for them.

In a flashback, Chopper is holding off the children by closing the door while Mocha is supposed to run away.

Mocha hesitates to run off but Chopper explains the situation to her. Luffy and Momonosuke finally got out of the garbage chute and immediately ran into Caesar's subordinates who quickly recognize Luffy.

Luffy uses Conqueror's Haki to knock most of them out when they were about to attack them and he asked one of them where Caesar is.

Luffy Lands a Furious Blow! Zoro carries Tashigi away from the poisonous gas. Sanji and the G-5 marines continue to assist Chopper vaccinate the children.

Usopp finds a door that leads to the room where Caesar and his subordinates are watching the Straw Hats and the Marines on a screen.

Caesar notices Brownbeard on the screen, and confronts him. Brownbeard tells Caesar that he wants to get his crew back, but Caesar tells him they were all killed by the poison gas.

Brownbeard tries to warn Caesar's subordinates, but Caesar drugs him to keep him quiet. Caesar orders his subordinates to get rid of Brownbeard, and they fire at him.

Luffy arrives just in time and punches Caesar, before asking him about the island. Caesar tells him Punk Hazard is not supposed to exist, and nobody is supposed to know what happens on that island.

One of the Yonko is forming an army of people who have eaten these artificial fruits. Caesar challenges Luffy to dare pick a fight with such people, only for Luffy to punch Caesar, and tell him that he has been picking fights all along.

Smoker vs. Caesar tells Luffy to not underestimate Doflamingo, but Luffy keeps on attacking Caesar. The Straw Hats, G-5 marines and the children run from the gas and continue to head towards building R Caesar's subordinates find Usopp and attempt to attack him.

Vergo beats Smoker but Smoker manages to retrieve Law's heart and gives it back to him. Law tells Doflamingo he is going to defeat Vergo.

Doflamingo tells Law to not underestimate Vergo because of his Haki. Vergo imbues Haki onto his whole body and attempts to kill Law but Law cuts him in half along with the SAD and the island.

Law tells Doflamingo that he and the supernovas are going to be the leaders of the new era. The Powerful Grizzly Magnum!

The kids stopped because they are tired and scared of running. Vergo attempts to kill Law even though he is cut down.

The Straw Hats convinced the children to run and they continue to escape the poison gas. Caesar tells his subordinates to release the poison gas into building R Caesar consumes the gas and becomes a big monster.

He then consumes his subordinates to intimidate Luffy. Usopp tells Caesar's subordinates that Luffy will never betray his crew.

Luffy defeats Caesar with Grizzly Magnum and sends him flying away. An Assassin From Dressrosa! Luffy defeats Caesar and sends him flying out of the facility.

Baby 5 and Buffalo spot Caesar and attempt to rescue him after contacting Doflamingo. Franky then spots the two from the deck of the SAD tanker.

Invincible General Franky! Franky begins to attack the two Donquixote pirates who retaliated with Baby 5 turning into weapons and Buffalo launching her at their robot foe.

Caesar Clown regains consciousness and, after realises his defeat remembers he still possess Smoker's heart and prepares to stab it.

Inside Room R, the Straw Hats and everyone else are waiting for their comrades to return with Mocha before riding the transport cart out of the collapsing building.

They managed to reach the group at the same time Usoop returned with Sea Stone handcuffs and the former subordinates of Caesar Clown.

Momonosuke however was shockingly alarmed to see his father petrified. Doflamingo then asks Monet to activate the island's self destruct, but Monet told him that she is already doing that.

With the island's destruction in her hands, Monet says her goodbyes as she reaches for the switch.

Moments later a massive explosion rocks the entire mountain base. Punk Hazard Explodes! Monet is moments away from activating the self destruct button when she felt her heart being stabbed and collapses.

At the same time Caesar Clown stabbed the heart believing it to be Smoker's heart. The Straw Hats are still racing towards the exit of the collapsing lab when they felt the explosion of the SAD room and then saw Shinokuni on their trail.

Smoker, seeing that they nearly reached safety, questioned Trafalgar Law of why did he possessed his heart the whole time.

Law reveals his clever deception he played on the mad scientist where he returned Monet's heart to Caesar without him knowing.

At the tanker, Baby 5's Missile Girl attack failed to take down the Franky Shogun and their duel continues whereas Buffalo contacted Doflamingo of the situation.

After confirming that the island wasn't destroyed as intended, Doflamingo decided to tend to the matter himself and is seen somehow flying over the sea towards Punk Hazard.

General Cannon Blasts! General Franky puts up a good fight against Buffalo and Baby 5. He sends them flying away with a General Cannon, but the two refused to stay defeated despite their injuries.

The fight however was interrupted with the arrival of the mine cart filled with all of the lab escapees. Seeing that Law is allied with the enemy and that the odds are against them, the two decided to hightail out of Punk Hazard along with Caesar Clown in their possession.

The two Straw Hats proved Luffy right as they easily stopped the fleeing pirates and succeeded in capturing Caesar Clown.

Doflamingo is still flying toward Punk Hazard imagining what torture he would inflict on the brats. Meanwhile, on a giant penguin, a mysterious man is wondering which direction leads to Punk Hazard.

Momonosuke and Kin'emon! The Straw Hat Pirates and the Marines are about to enjoy a large dish prepared by Sanji, though the Marines are still adamant in keeping themselves from being friends with pirates.

While the stove is being constructed, many events occurred; Kin'emon was actually alive the whole time, Law removed the drug from the children, Momonosuke's human form is revealed, Nami complied to Tashigi's plea to let her take care of the children, Mocha has recovered fully from the drug overdose and the poison gas is revealed to be lethal after a full day's effect.

While the group celebrates their victory, Smoker talks with Law about him manipulating Luffy, but Law says that it is the other way around.

Previously, during their encounter in the mountains, Law revealed his goal to defeat Kaido with Luffy's help, but Luffy expressed his desire to defeat all four of the Yonko.

Leaving Punk Hazard! It is revealed in a flashback that Law and Luffy plan to take down Kaido of the beasts. After the feast the Straw Hats are about to set sail and leave.

While they are seeing the kids off, G-5 starts insulting them and they put up a barricade so the children can't see them.

The children are crying and are sad and they remember how the Straw Hats helped them and say they want to say good-bye. G-5 continues to insult them and says that pirates are evil and the navy is justice, the children are still crying.

Tashigi tells them to stop insulting them, but they say that if they stop they'll start to like them and then they start crying.

Zoro asks why Law is going with them and Usopp tells him that Luffy got them into more trouble. Doflamingo is still flying but then stops when he sees the life raft from his tanker.

Doflamingo tries to negotiate with him but Law says that there is only one thing he can do: resign from being a Warlord.

It shocks everyone on the raft and then Law says that if it is not in the paper by tomorrow morning he won't give back Caesar and hangs up.

Doflamingo then gets angry and starts cursing Law. Doflamingo's Sudden Attack! On Punk Hazard, Caesar's former minions go in a search for those who were petrified by Shinokuni.

All a sudden, Doflamingo appears from the sky and throws Baby 5 and Buffalo's heads back on to their body. Before any of the G-5 soldiers could attack, Doflamingo used Conqueror's Haki and knocked out a very large majority of them.

Even then, the remaining soldier couldn't move because of his devil fruit powers. Doflamingo even has some of the G-5 soldiers kill each other demanding the whereabouts of Law.

Smoker steps into the fight, launching White Blow at Doflamingo. As the fight progressed, some G-5 soldiers decide to aid Smoker.

Doflamingo moved to confront the soldiers but his attack hit Smoker instead as he was moving to defend the soldiers and was severely injured.

On the Sunny, Luffy ask why are they going to Dressrosa. Law states he has business to attend to.

All of a sudden, the sea current start to shift at an angle as they to slide down a sea slope. After they get out of rough water, Luffy explains to the crew about the alliance and the plan to kill Kaido.

Back on Punk Hazard, Doflamingo is about to unleash the final blow onto Smoker. Then, Kuzan appears and asked Doflamingo to step aside as Smoker's his friend.

Aokiji vs. Doflamingo prepares to finish Smoker off, but is stopped by Kuzan's ice which freezes everything around the Warlord, including himself.

But he manages to break free from the ice before froze completely. After getting treated, Smoker starts talking with Kuzan about the Marines and Underworld, insinuating that the former Admiral has "business unseen to the government".

At the Thousand Sunny, Law tells some details about the recently formed pirate alliance, which makes some of them afraid of being targeted of a Yonko due to holding Caesar Clown captive.

After having some fun, Momonosuke is introduced to the Straw Hats ship by Nami, which makes Sanji, Kin'emon and Brook jealous of his "luck" with women.

At night, a mysterious figure is seen making contact with Kung-Fu Dugongs that have just found the Straw Hat pirates.

The Pirate Alliance Makes a Sortie! Smooth seas stretch out before the Straw Hats as they leave Punk Hazard far behind, but while they fear Doflamingo's return and prepare to face him, another foe lies in wait, whose powers could be their downfall.

The Pirate Alliance Comes Apart! Breed reveals that he plans to turn every human into an animal through the artificial Devil Fruit.

Breed commands Luffy and Law to fight each other in a stadium-like place, while Dugong begs him to make them stop. Breed accepts his offer and makes Dugong fight Luffy and Law instead.

Luffy and Law fall into the ocean after getting punched off the ship by the Kung-Fu Dugong. Luffy's Angry Iron Fist Strikes!

Chopper and Dugong make an attempt to go against Breed, but Breed orders the other animals to attack them.

At that point Law, Caesar and Luffy enter the room and Luffy knocks the animals out. There are also many notable fansubs to the anime.

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