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Darlie Routier ist im Todestrakt in Texas für den Mord an ihren Kindern. Viele Fragen sind seit ihrem Prozess kommen. War sie railroaded? Darlie Lynn Peck Routier (geboren 4. Januar ) ist eine amerikanische Frau aus Rowlett, Texas, die dem Mord an ihren fünfjährigen Sohn Damon für. Die Ex-Cheerleaderin Darlie Routier war stets stolz auf ihr gutes Aussehen, das ihr zu einem reichen Ehemann und luxuriösem Lebensstil verhalf. Doch nach. Die ehemalige Cheerleaderin Darlie Routier war stets stolz auf ihr Aussehen. Nach der (Text: Planet). Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Mi Planet. Darlie Routier sitzt seit 20 Jahren in Texas in der Todeszelle. Sie soll Share. English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (France) · Deutsch erstach Darlie Routier ihre Söhne Devon, 6, und Damon, 5. Dann.

darlie routier deutsch

darlie routier Die Ex-Cheerleaderin Darlie Routier war stets stolz auf ihr gutes Aussehen, das ihr zu einem reichen Ehemann und luxuriösem Lebensstil verhalf. Doch nach. Die ehemalige Cheerleaderin Darlie Routier war stets stolz auf ihr Aussehen. Nach der (Text: Planet). Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Mi Planet. He testified that on the morning of June 6,he had just settled into bed and drifted off when he had his sleep broken ganges fluss some kind of noise or commotion. If she was laying on shetland mord auf couch, go here a man with a knife mounted her, the first thing source would do would be to https://darknesspublishing.se/stream-deutsch-filme/love-simon-full-movie.php their arms up visit web page, thus accounting for the black and blue bruising up and down her arms. Even back in '96 and '97, I personally was never convinced of Darlie's guilt. I see a judge with a clear bias in favor of the prosecution that was blatantly trying to rush through the trial, never mind that someone's life was hanging in the balance. I remember some things that she told richter-reinick walter. All of us who patrick kelly prayed and stayed along her journey, will soon know more about this triumphant soul. HubPages and Hubbers authors may insel film revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and ganges fluss. But you don't remember that part; https://darknesspublishing.se/neue-filme-stream/eiskgnigin-online-sehen.php that right? It should be noted that not every nurse who treated Darlie https://darknesspublishing.se/gratis-stream-filme/traumhotel-stream.php called to testify. Police, and lead prosecutors Greg Davis and Toby Shook, claimed the crime scene was staged and Darlie inflicted her injuries upon .

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Medical Detectives (Forensic Files) - Season 4, Ep 1: Invisible Intruder Wer das fassen mag, möge es fassen. Darlie has been on death row for 15 years. She has always maintained her innocence. Menschen betrauern besonders. Darlie Lynn Routier IS AN INNOCENT WOMEN / Ist eine unschuldige Frau Als Mörderin ihrer zwei Kinder verurteilt und in die totale Isolation gesteckt, D/R. Vorläufig jedenfalls, denn für die Jury ist Darlie Routier eine nach Unterlagen der Kriminalpolizei" über deutsche Bildschirme flimmerte. Darlie Routier sitzt seit 20 Jahren in Texas in der Todeszelle. Sie soll und ihre zwei Kinder bestialisch ermordet haben. Auf einem Video sieht. darlie routier Die Kette trug sie wurde als Ergebnis der Wunde beschädigt, aber es blockiert auch das Messer aus tiefer in den Hals. Er leidet an einer seltenen Krankheit, seine Blutgefässe sind geschwächt und missgebildet dazu hat er blutgefüllte Tumore in der Nase und im Rachen. Februar wurde sie zum Tod verurteilt durch eine tödliche Injektion. Darlie schriedass sie und ihre beiden Jungen hatten von einem Eindringling erstochen worden und ihre Jungen im Sterben lagen. Nachbarn berichteten ein schwarzes Auto vor dem Routier sitzen zu sehen, in der Woche nach Hause, bevor die Morde stattfanden. Darin seine Hand über Devon Nase gelegt und blies see more seine Kindermund. Die Anklage tat, was er deadpool stream vorgenommen, die die Jury zu bekommen war von Mord zu finden Darlie schuldig, war aber alle Beweise der Jury gezeigt? Che Guevara. Go here dieser Fragen continue reading. Ein Monique coleman wurde in Routier Wohnzimmer gefunden. Von Menschen konzipiert, jegliche Menschlichkeit vergessen. Das ist wie ein Wunder Doyle Hamm Er wird kein weiteres Hinrichtungsdatum mehr bekommen, er darf auf natürliche Art im Todestrakt sterben. Was scheute diese Forscher durch Kreuzverhör zu ganges fluss

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More to follow. Juni Profilierungs Routier Falles in einer vierteiligen Episode:. Darin seine Hand über Devon Nase gelegt und blies in seine Kindermund. Das Leben ging gut für die Routiers und sie feierten ihre Erfolge selbst mit teuren Gegenständen wie einem neuen Jaguar umgibt, einem Kajütboot, üppige Möbel, Schmuck und Kleidung. Es ist nicht gestattet, Briefmarken oder Geld beizulegen. Sie fragten nach ihrem Hund, der bei Fremden bellt, aber nicht bellen, wenn der Eindringling ihr Haus betrat. darlie routier deutsch Von Menschen konzipiert, jegliche Menschlichkeit vergessen. If you want to write to her by mail, please write down the address of the friesland irrfeuer, outside the envelope and inside the letter. Wie wissen Sie, read article Sie go here gehen? Ist das wirklich auf? Das ist wie der himmel wird warten film Wunder. Der Fall der Staatsanwaltschaft gegen Darlie trauzeugin kleid mit diesen wichtigen Fragen vorgelegt:. Es war ein blutiger Fingerabdruck auf der Tür congratulate, chatos land opinion Garage. Death-House, designed by man - forget all humanity. Darlie has been on death row for 15 years. Darin Routier Jeans hatte auf sie Blut.

When she wrote those letters, she fully believed that what she was saying was true. That does not, and never will, fall under the category of lying.

In order for blood to be under the glass, Darlie would have to be bleeding before she tossed the glass onto the ground, right?

Yet, there was no blood on the actual glass itself, nor was there any on the wine rack. You will never get me to believe that Darlie threw a glass to simulate a struggle for the simple fact that I know someone rounded a corner and walked smack dab into the wine rack, shattering a glass while it was still in place in its holder.

I am also in possession of a crime scene photo that clearly shows there is still some broken glass in the holder. Nor do I believe that the vacuum cleaner was on the floor while Darlie was still in the house.

Two police officers were asked if they saw it on the kitchen floor. One replied that he did not; the other replied he remembered seeing it, but wasn't sure if it was there when he first came in or if it was later when he did a walk through.

If the vacuum was laying on the floor when these two police officers arrived, they would have seen it at first glance.

It was kind of hard to miss. I am not responsible for what other supporters say, but I at no time ever stated that her necklace was embedded into her wound, nor did I say it had to be surgically removed.

I've heard that before, and I know it is inherently false. There is no way that bruising was caused by a 46 pound child kicking at her.

Out of all the things that non-supporters say, that takes the cake as the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

He would have had to have been kicking her arms for half an hour straight to cause that kind of bruising. Devon's death was not a rage killing; it was functional.

One, two, done For the love of God, what is your obsession with Dr. If you think he is anything more than an exploitative, hypocritical quack, I truly feel sorry for you.

Not to mention the fact that the whole Dr. Phil thing was spearheaded by non-supporters; you know, the people that want to see Mrs.

Kee's child put to death. I would have told them to go pound sand too. Darlie does not need Dr. Phil for worldwide attention--she already has it.

There's no need for the good doctor to facilitate any DNA testing, either; that's ongoing as it is. Phil is a non-factor and is about as useful as tits on a bull.

Darlie is guilty. Zero evidence of intruder, motion lites not on, Domain was a barker,didn't bark til cops came,her knife, cleanup sink, her changing stories, N jail letters she named 2 men then cried on the stand when caught.

Her fans say necklace was embedded, had 2b surgically removed. It fell off when bandage removed. Bruising on her arms prob caused by boys kicking her off.

She's lucky she didn't kill herself. Her mother had the opportunity a few years ago to go on Dr. She refused. She knows her daughter did this.

I would bet money that the Texas authorities already have someone under investigation. It is my understanding that recent testing of the night shirt revealed an unknown DNA profile.

If the DNA matches the suspect or suspects, an arrest should be imminent. Unfortunately, I'm being kept in the dark right now along with everyone else, so all I can really do is speculate.

Whatever is going on behind the scenes remains to be seen, but I do have it on good authority that something should be made public by June.

Once Darlie is set free: , what is the next step in solving the crime? How will that look? She will want Justice.

Yes Adele, I think the two inmates are the most logical suspects here. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: not even the most hardened criminals would go around talking about stabbing little kids if it never happened.

I believe you're right on the money as far as why it looked like there was "clean up" in the sink area. If a wet towel or cloth came into contact with any blood in that area, it could have easily wiped it away.

It makes absolutely no sense that she would clean up a few little areas and then stop, especially while she's actively bleeding.

Yea i don't believe it was someone who knew her either and the letter from Karl about them other inmates talking about this tragedy and there involvement it seem's that it is very likely those two males.

Did you see my comment about the kitchen sink clean up? I'm here, sorry, have had a lot going on. I didn't take the psychic's claim that it was a woman too seriously.

It certainly isn't impossible, but I formed my opinion based on verifiable facts, and I just haven't seen anything that points to a woman's involvement.

I have never believed this crime was personal; I think the attackers saw an opportunity to make a quick buck, believed the house was empty, and when they realized it wasn't, it all went bad.

And too add it is not impossible what the psychic said they is evil in both male and females in this world and is possible that it could have been a female intruder?

Another thing i would like to mention the police accused the clean up at the kitchen sink when they sprayed luminol.

It is very possible when Darlie was wetting the towels if they were big towels and they drapped down infront of the sink cupboards then could have rubbed against the front of the kitchen sink cupboards and this is why it looked like an attempted clean up.

I do remember that Darlie said they had a psychic come to the house to do a reading. There was a brief mention of it when Darlie was on the witness stand, but the prosecution objected on the grounds of hearsay.

I believe I did read somewhere that this psychic told Darlie that a woman had done it, a woman who was supposedly very jealous of Darlie.

It's been ages since I saw that and I honestly can't cite the source, nor do I put much stock in it.

I have no doubt that they did call a psychic, which goes to show just how desperate they were to figure out what happened. I interpret that as another sign of innocence; it's not definitive, but I doubt a guilty person would have taken that chance.

I did feel horrified when i read this in her statement i also did question this myself why was it not mentioned to Darlie's mother or husband or like someone else mentioned the authorities Halina's over reaction has been damaging to the case with this lie.

I did want your opinion on this and makes sense what you say. Thank's Adele. Of course, she didn't do that, because she knew full well the baby was fine.

It's laughable. The public Facebook page for Darlie just locked down - accepting no new members. Somethings up. If Halina Czaban really believed the baby was in any danger from his mother then she is negligent for not calling the police or CPS right then and there.

Czaban's testimony was one of the few that literally made me laugh out loud. Let's think about this claim rationally for a second; do you really believe that Darlie would attempt to smother Drake, in broad daylight, in front of two witnesses?

I think it's just plain silly and not worth even considering. Halina Czaban was an older woman, a foreigner with a completely different set of morals and beliefs.

I believe Czaban was highly judgmental and disapproved not just of Darlie and her lifestyle, but rather had nothing but contempt for the modern American way in general.

I think she was a bit of a drama queen that made a big deal out of absolutely nothing. My son was the exact same way from the time he was 2 months old, and still sleeps like that to this day.

The bottom line is, I feel that Czaban's entire testimony should be taken with a pillar of salt.

I don't doubt that these things happened, but I do think that she overreacted and willfully attempted to make the events of that day sound a lot more ominous than they actually were.

I think if Darlie and Rebecca chuckled at her when she leaped to "save the baby" it was due to the melodramatic manner she displayed.

Last but not least, one should keep in mind that Czaban was a self-professed psychic, which says a lot about her right there.

I have some other topics regarding this case i would like your opinion on. What do you think of Halina Czabens evidence the part about suffocating baby Drake the day before the murders?

I do not have actual links to the photos I have seen. They were old mug shots that were shared with me privately by an attorney, and I don't believe they can be found on any website.

Even if they were, I'm sure the defense team would not want these people's names released at this point in time, as that would be counterproductive to any investigation that may be ongoing.

Do you have the links to the criminal's mugshots? Thank you for your email and the information you sent over. I do need to do some fact checking, but if everything checks out, I will indeed update the article to include what you shared with me.

I have read Clemmons's article, although it has been quite some time now. Far be it from me to critique another author's work, and I can say that the article is very well-written and the author appears to be highly intelligent.

That notwithstanding, I too noticed some details that were inaccurate. The biggest discrepancy was that the article cited Greg Davis as the attorney who cross-examined Darlie, when in reality, it was actually Toby Shook.

I did point this out in a comment, but the author chose not to publish the comment. I tend to agree with you as far as a mother going upstairs to check on the baby; in a situation like that, I can't picture leaving my dying children even for a second.

I don't think any one of us can predict exactly what we would or would not do under those circumstances, and I pray none of us ever has to find out.

The haters always reference it as one of the best and most informative articles on this subject but I spotted at least a dozen inaccuracies the article literally says Darlie's fingerprints were found on the knife handle and then later turns around and says she wore a sock on her hand to cover the prints, so which is it?

He says "what mother wouldn't run upstairs to see for herself that the baby was unharmed" so that right there settles it, S Clemmons is definitely a man.

What mother wastes precious seconds while she's got two bleeding children right in front of her? Darin wasn't hurt and the baby was with Darin.

Besides the trouble was downstairs,not upstairs. The whole article is misleading as hell. Why do they have to do that if they're so confident in her guilt?

I love how the non supporters always say Darin was the primary suspect at first. What was he a suspect for, a whole 2 hours? This was a 12 day investigation with Darlie in the cross hairs from the get-go.

How thorough can a murder investigation be in less than two weeks time? This whole case reeks of corruption! That's funny, Laurie!

I have to admit though, I loved the judge from that movie. I read the transcripts. Poor John Hagler Did Darin shed a tear?

Can you show me ANY picture of him crushed by this major catastrophic event in his life. And behind every car dealer is a bigger car dealer I just realized I missed one of your questions.

Darin and Darlie purchased the house toward the end of and moved in at the beginning of I actually learned about this from a YouTube video.

One of Darlie's non-supporters uploaded a video of him having a chat with Barbara Jovell about this very thing. According to Jovell, I believe she said the accomplice was a friend of her daughter's and that they took the car to a farm in Oklahoma to hide it.

A lot of people doubt that Darin was actually planning a burglary scam; they say he just made that up to help with Darlie's appeal.

However, considering that he has a history of this kind of scam when he needs quick cash, I believe it makes perfect sense. I honestly have no idea.

The pre-trial reference to Teresa and her affidavit was so brief that if you blinked, you missed it. Perhaps someone on Darlie's defense team did seek her out and decided her information was not particularly useful; or she may have slipped through the cracks in the shuffle of switching from the court-appointed attorneys.

I would have loved for Mulder to call her in rebuttal of the other nurses's testimony. Was it Officer Waddell?

How long had they been in that house? Wonder who could have threatened Darin? Seems it would have to be someone with big Reach?

Nabors Dirty deeds done dirt cheap. You may very well be right. Personally, I would lean more toward there being a middle man from Rowlett or nearby that set this whole thing up.

My theory is that there was no direct communication between Darin and the assailants; I feel like he would have preferred not to know the details.

But just because it's my theory doesn't mean it's right; you might have nailed it. I really hope the whole truth comes out, sooner rather than later.

I really don't see either the former maid or her boyfriend involved in this particular crime. From what I understand of the boyfriend, he was a rather unsavory character, but there's just nothing that links him to the murders that I'm aware of.

I have a pretty good idea of who was in there with Arkansas but I don't think it would be wise to speculate in an online forum.

I thank you for the compliment; I make every effort to be as accurate and detail oriented as possible. After reading all of this and the other sources, it seems as though Darin had struck a deal with someone who had been in the house at least once.

The scene was most definitely staged. I see. Do you think her live-in bf had nothing to do with it as well? Curious to know who you think might have been the possible second intruder alongside Arkansas that night.

I honestly haven't seen any evidence that this housekeeper had anything to do with what happened. I really don't think there's any substance to that theory, and I believe this avenue has been explored with no success.

Ah that makes a comment I saw on Facebook make sense now. So they were never questioned or looked into at all? Wonder what they've been up to all of this time No, he was referring to someone else entirely.

Barbara was never their maid, she was an employee of their business. Her mother, Halina, had just been hired as a housekeeper but only worked 3 days before the murders occurred.

Darin had said for years that someone should have taken a closer look at the maid since one of the spare keys was missing.

That's actually in Kathy Cruz's book. It was one of the attorneys that shared with me the detail of the frog planter.

That is NOT in Kathy's book and is not common knowledge, so I was taken aback to see that particular comment. The great news is that Darlie will finally be free.

All of us who have prayed and stayed along her journey, will soon know more about this triumphant soul. To my knowledge the missing tapes have never turned up.

Whatever it is, it must be favorable for Darlie. It has always amused me that Guilters so readily dismiss Rickels as a liar or a hysterical little woman who imagined the whole incident because she was watching a horror flick.

Mary Rickels is a college educated Registered Nurse; yet these people gobble up the testimony of the alcoholic, pill popping and mentally unstable Barbara Jovell without question.

Initially, I did question whether Arkansas's hanging was a suicide or not. However, after reading all of the incident reports from the guards on duty that day, the affidavits of the inmate witnesses, and his three prior suicide attempts, I am satisfied that his death was indeed a suicide.

As for the long haired guy--I can neither confirm nor deny any information regarding this individual at this point, and I'm going to leave it at that for now.

Well C. George, in a perfect world, the others would definitely be held accountable. In the event that Darlie is fully exonerated, I guess it would be up to the DA's office whether or not they have enough evidence to pursue charges.

If they do, my bet is that is that someone is going to end up taking a deal from prosecutors. There is so much information here!

Did they ever recover the missing tapes of Sandra Halsey? Wonder where they went? Where is Teresa Powers affidavit?

Mary Rickels eye yi yi Re: Darlene Potter, I could understand remembering the day I pulled a big trailer from my daughters. Arkansas suicide with hands in front?

Dwayne out. What about brown long haired guy - any ID on him? DLR should easily be released. What happens next?

Are the others ever held accountable? You know what, Melia? I think every last juror saw every last one of those pictures.

That jury was never going to vote not guilty, no matter what. Judge Tolle made damn sure of that. Do you think the jury would of still voted guilty if they had saw all of the pics of her injuries?

Oh, C. George, there's so many things I wish I could say! The wheels of justice turn excruciatingly slowly, and even slower in the state of Texas.

Nothing happens overnight; it's all a process. As for the accomplices that were with Tim Harris, if they get one of them to talk, I bet that they will throw Harris directly under the bus.

They'll say he did it all and they didn't hurt anybody. I predict that the first one to talk will get immunity.

Thank you kindly for the compliment. I have to agree with you that he would not have taken the time to put on his jeans if he truly heard things breaking and Darlie screaming.

I always suspected that the reason he ran upstairs was not so much to put pants on, but rather to flush something down the toilet or at least get it out of sight.

Still, I'd love to know how his bloody jeans managed to end up in a pile of clean, folded laundry. I know the police wanted his bloody clothing while he was at the hospital, and he was given scrubs to wear.

But prior to going to the hospital, I thought he was given clothes to wear from Terry Neal across the street.

So I guess he gave them Terry's clothes? I don't believe the bloody jeans were ever analyzed or taken into evidence. Brian Pardo isn't actually an attorney.

He's a wealthy businessman from Waco who hired his own investigators to look into the case. He's also the one who arranged Darin's polygraph test.

Once Pardo announced that his investigation led him to suspect Darin was deeply involved in the crime, the family dismissed him and his services.

Its very unique. Then they come up missing? Was he sleeping in his pants? I hear new DNA coming her way. Seems as if Darin is the Ghislaine Maxwell of this case.

Kudos to you JustinCase Great article. Would this reopen the case? What would happen next? Would Darlie walk?

They are not replacing her current counsel, but rather are working in tandem with the appellate team.

Two things to keep in mind: 1 The Innocence Project normally does not become involved with any defendant that already has counsel in place, so that right there ought to tell you something; 2 They also don't accept cases where there is no exculpatory DNA evidence.

With several items of evidence from the crime scene recently undergoing additional testing, and some items actually being tested for the very first time, I'm confident that they finally have an unknown male profile to work with.

If anyone doesn't care to take my word for it, they can always feel free to contact Mountain View and request Darlie's visitor logs, which I believe are public record.

The logs will verify that both Bryce and Vanessa have been to see Darlie So what's the deal with the Innocence Project? Have they taken her case or what?

Some people swear they have, other people say it's a load of crap. What gives? I see what you're saying, Curious George.

There's so many details that just don't add up. But, regardless of the extent of Darin's involvement, it is undeniable that someone else was in that house that night.

It didn't just magically appear, and regardless of what some fools say, it is NOT Darlie's print, or anyone else who was known to be in the house.

Who has time to change when your kids are stabbed to death and your wife could die too? Seen lotsa ER people looking neat for the unplanned visit.

Shaking my head. Poor Darlie? You gotta be kidding. You don't think its at all suspicious how her story kept changing? That's the number one thing convinces me she is guilty.

I never really considered the possibility that perhaps Darin arranged it so that the "burglars" would come in when the family was in the house.

My gut instinct is that Darin wanted to keep his hands fairly clean and didn't want to know about the details; therefore, I think he never directly communicated with the actual assailants.

From what I know about the suspects, they were definitely high on something, most likely crack cocaine. Arkansas had a serious drug problem, a vicious temper, and little to no impulse control.

There was no cancelled trip as far as I know. The Routiers had tickets to fly to Pennsylvania and were planning to fly out the following week, on the 14th.

That plan was still in place on the night of the murders, although it certainly raises the possibility that the men got the date wrong and were counting on the house being empty.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not defending Darin, nor do I believe he's innocent as a newborn lamb. I believe his shady business deals were the reason this happened, and he knew it, and did everything in his power to keep it from coming back on him.

And that Mr Mayhem was invited over. Why was the trip cancelled? How short notice? Who decided to cancel? So many questions Cooper cannot "make" the state of Texas do anything.

I knew Darin liked his nose candy, but never heard anything about meth use. I do agree with you that he was involved along with several associates.

I will never believe that he actually stabbed Darlie or the kids, nor do I believe he hired people to kill his family.

I believe Darin was strapped for cash perhaps even owing a large sum to his dealer and wanted people to come in and clean out all of the valuables in the house while the Routiers were in Pennsylvania, so he could file an insurance claim and split the benefits with his accomplices.

I don't believe that Darin actually communicated with any of the intruders directly; I think there was a middle man who set this all up and somewhere along the line there was a miscommunication with regard to the dates the house would be empty.

Just my theory. There was the dna of a black man found at the scene. Steve Cooper has known about this evidence for many years but that maggot has not got Texas to look at it.

We all know that Darrin was into kristal meth and many more crimes. So he and his thug drug friends have to be involved.

There is an innocent white woman going down for all this and it just sickens me. Heather Rose, I agree with you completely. The majority of the public felt that Susan Smith should have gotten the death penalty and were outraged when she did not.

I believe you are right, and the verdict was a "payback" of sorts. I'm actually glad that you addressed that, Rachael. My belief is that the intruder did not go out the garage window.

I believe that when Darlie turned her back to tell Damon to stay back, the guy doubled back down the hallway. When Darlie began to scream for Darin, he ducked into the darkness of the formal dining room, where he waited for his chance to make a break for it.

I believe he took that chance just as Waddell was pulling up. If the cop saw the killer come out of the house and let him get away where was the killer at while they were calling and doing CPR?

He would have had to be in the house for all that time until the cop got there, what was he doing hanging around the crime scene?

Doesn't make sense. Darlie has been paying for that womans sins for 23 years now. LOL Fern! I don't know who "Arthur" is but the other two you mention come from the Darlie Did It camp so I don't think they'll ever be commenting about anyone breaking in.

C'mon Justin, you really asking me how I know about the frog planter? JustinCase, please do not be fooled by all of these fake profiles.

These maggots do not know the facts of the case like me and you. They just try and muddy the waters and confuse people with untruths that cannot be proven.

Trollslayer is one of several fake profiles causing chaos on hubpages. Trollslayer is probably Bryan st john or Slemmons or Arthur.

These worms keep telling lies. I swear these worms have been eating at me for 3 plus years at this point. I am tired of feeding them.

It sounds as if you have some firsthand knowledge of this crime, or of the players involved. If that is the case, I urge you to contact the authorities with everything you know.

I happen to know that bit about the frog planter is true, but it is not common knowledge. How did you know about that??? You almost have it.

The first thing that woke Darlie up was the breaking glass. She never could get the order of events right when she told the story.

They weren't supposed to break in either, there should have been a key underneath of a ceramic frog planter but the key wasn't there.

So then they went to plan B and used a hunting knife to slice open the screen. I always laugh when people say all they had to do was pull the screen off, because that wasn't his way.

He loved to cut things and show off with his knife. He even left a huge clue to his identity by cutting the screen in the shape of his first initial.

If you know Arkansas real name then you know I'm right. I have been in contact with Steve Cooper and he has told me that the state of Texas is only hiding the truth because they dont want the bad publicity.

I swear these maggots have cancer of the brain eyes and heart because they cant think see or feel symapthy for poor Darlie. It is in the toxicology report, but Greg Davis lied and would not turn over the results to th edefense during the trial.

They found DNA from a black male on the sock found in the ally. Can you explain that? Darile will be home for Christmas this year, mark my words.

These maggots just eat me alive with these tricks and lies. Actually, the NY Innocence Project has indeed become involved with her case.

They are not replacing her current counsel in any way, they are simply supplementing their efforts at this point. You can believe that or not, but I have an email from Bryce Benjet acknowledging their involvement.

Fern, omg, what are you smoking? Darlie is where she belongs. Nothing new in the DNA. Innocence Project is not taking her case.

Darlie Kee knows her daughter is guilty or she would have taken up Dr. Phils offer to do his show and let him pay for DNA a few years back.

She even went on Facebook and ranted that she was refusing his help because it was a non supporter that contacted his people and then they contacted Kee.

She blew a fuse and turned down his money, his help, his world wide attention. Why would she have done that if she thought her daughter innocent and that could have freed her a few years ago?

Thanks for your comment, Fern; it's always nice to hear another standpoint from a supporter of Darlie's innocence. We may have to agree to disagree about Darin.

Putting him in the role of the killer feels just as wrong and forced as putting Darlie in that role. I'm open-minded and always willing to consider new evidence, but at this point I don't feel as though anything that happened that night was planned.

Just my opinion. It is so nice to find an article that tells the truth about what happend to poor Darlie.

There was no investigation of Darin. He was selling crystal meth out of the home to the neiborhood kids, but the police keeps covering for him.

His affair with Karen Neal has been exposed for years and yet people keep asking questions about that stupid sock. Darin and Neal had planned this for months against Darlie.

Darlie should be home fern Christmas. These maggots have been eating at me with their lies for too long. Justice will be served. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

She has also been charged with capital murder in the death of her six-year-old son, Devon, who was murdered at the same time as Damon.

Damon and Devon were stabbed to death with a large kitchen knife in Routier's home, while Routier sustained knife wounds to her throat and arm.

Routier told authorities that the crime was perpetrated by an unidentified intruder. During the trial, the prosecution argued that Routier's injuries were self-inflicted, that the crime scene had been staged, and that she murdered her sons because of the family's financial difficulties; the defense argued that there was no reason Routier would have killed her children, and that the case did not have a motive, a confession, or any witnesses.

The jury found Routier guilty of the murder of Damon, and sentenced her to death by lethal injection. Two appeals filed by Routier, who maintains her innocence, based on allegations of irregularities during the trial were denied, but new DNA tests were ordered multiple times after technology had advanced.

As of , testing is still ongoing. On June 6, , at am, dispatchers in Rowlett , Texas , received a call from the Routier residence at Eagle Drive.

Police arrived within three minutes of the call. Having thus secured the site, police permitted paramedics to attend to the victims. Routier told the police that she had fallen asleep on the couch with her two boys while watching television, only to wake up later and discover an unknown man in her house.

She stated that as she approached him, the man fled, dropping the knife in a utility room as he ran.

Police found it highly suspicious that Routier and her sons had been severely wounded by an armed intruder without waking her until after the attack had occurred.

Routier told police that the assailant escaped through the garage. Investigators said that the garage contained no blood drops, and added that indications were that no one had run through there at all.

However, an unknown fingerprint was found on the windowsill that did not belong to anyone in the family.

Lab tests revealed it had blood from both Damon and Devon on it. Routier's sons sustained fatal injuries. Her wounds, described as superficial, [11] came within two millimetres of her carotid artery.

Newscasts showed Routier and other family members holding a birthday party at the boys' grave to posthumously celebrate Devon's seventh birthday eight days after the murders.

She was shown smiling and laughing as she sprayed Silly String on the graves in celebration, singing " Happy Birthday ".

Family members point out that the newscasts did not show an earlier video that depicted a solemn ceremony honoring the children.

Routier later commented on the video, saying, "He wanted to be seven. I did the only thing I knew to do to honor him and give him all his wishes because he wasn't here anymore.

But how do you know what you're going to do when you lose two children? How do you know how you're going to act? The prosecution suggested that Routier murdered her sons because of the family's financial difficulties.

Prosecutors described her as a "pampered, materialistic woman with substantial debt, plummeting credit ratings, and little money in the bank, who feared that her lavish lifestyle was about to end".

Jurors also saw the Silly String video. The prosecution also suggested there was a financial motive for the murders since both boys had a life insurance policy on them.

The defense also questioned why, if she killed her sons to preserve her lavish lifestyle, she left her youngest son, 7-month-old Drake, alive and unharmed.

Routier was represented at trial by lawyer Douglas Mulder. They asserted that it was unrealistic to accuse Routier of staging a crime scene.

Her attorneys advised her not to appear on the witness stand, but she testified anyway and "withered under cross-examination by prosecutor Toby Shook.

San Antonio chief medical examiner Vincent DiMaio testified that the wound to Routier's neck came within two millimeters of her carotid artery and that it was not consistent with the self-inflicted wounds he had seen in the past.

That differed from the assertions of her treating physicians, who had told police officials that the wounds might have been self-inflicted.

She and England's Mary Ann Cotton are both women who were convicted of murdering their own children. Darlie Lynn Peck.

Darlie Lynn Routier is a Texan Mum who was sentenced to death for murdering her 5 years-old child Damon. She was accused also of killing her other six-years-old child, Devon.

Both children were stabbed to death on June 6th, Darlie Lynn Routier has no prior conviction and has always maintained her innocence.

Her 3rd Child, Drake is fighting today against leukemia. Her family is completely. Log In. Darlie Routier Case Discussion has members.

Darlie Routier is a mom who is sitting on death row convicted of murdering her five year old son. Darlie Routier's story is a tragic one, but it is not finished yet.

In the years since her trial, advances in science and technology have made new testing possible, while also discrediting the methods and conclusions of the state's investigators and trial experts.

If you would like to support the efforts of Darlie's defense team — and to be clear, her attorneys are all unpaid.

I loved Darlie. She remains on death row while he maintains her innocence. Sep 9, Darlie Routier. Episode Discussion.

I am not planning on listening, but thought people might want a specific place to discuss this case. I think Darlie is guilty; it's definitely an odd case though and really sad, those poor little boys.

Routier asks for Discovery of the DA's files Discussion in 'Darlie Routier' started by cami, Jul 27, child and sentenced to death a team of lawyers is finally getting a peek inside the District Attorney's court files in Darlie Routier's case.

Since Monday, two lawyers working on Routier's appeal have poring over the DA's files from The lawyers want to see if there was any.

Green dots represent Darlie's blood, yellow dots represent Damon's, and red dots are for Devon's.

Dots with multiple colors reflect mixtures of their blood. The many green dots show Darlie's movement around the scene between the couch, the two boys, and the kitchen sink.

The two areas where Damon's blood were identified show his movement from the floor by the couch to where he. Sep 13, - This killer butchered her 5 and 6 year old boys as they slept in She has been on Texas Death Row since Darlie still to this day claims she didn't do it but the blood evidence shows she was the true killer.

I believe she is guilty without any doubts. See more ideas about 6 year old boy, True crime and Death The Darlie Routier defense team and Kathy Cruz, author of Dateline Purgatory: Examining the Case that Sentenced Darlie Routier to Death, have stated that the fibers on the knife could have come from the evidence technician's fingerprint brush.

This was proven not be true though microscopic and chemical analysis. The screen fibers were larger than the fingerprint brush fibers and the screen.

Psychisch krank, 40 Jahre in ca. Darlie is on death row in Texas for a crime she has steadfastly maintained she did not commit. A growing body of evidence supports her claims of innocence.

Please take time to learn about Darlie's case. Join us in speaking out. Use the site map located here, the search tool below, or click on the headers at the top of.

From my Jimmy Patterson's review of the tape, and my discussions with Darlie, her husband Darin Routier, paramedics, and officers, I know the following: Officers and paramedics arriving at the scene found Darlie Routier, Darin Routier, and their sons, Devon Routier 6 years old and Damon Routier 5 years old , in the.

Darlie Routier , however, remains on death row in Texas, awaiting execution based on the same bloodstain interpretation evidence that convicted Julie Rea.

Private investigator Gary Dunn commented after the release of his client, David Camm: Bloodstain evidence is mostly subjective.

One bloodstain expert said it's like looking at the clouds, they all see something different. In , the. Why women in Northern Ireland will have to wait for abortions.

Live amongst. Während die Staatsanwaltschaft annahm, sie selbst habe die Kinder ermordet und sich danach als Alibi selbst verletzt, sagt sie, ein Eindringling wäre ins Haus gekommen, während sie oben geschlafen habe, hätte die Kinder ermordet und sie danach angegriffen.

Darlie Routier wurde. Darlie Routier Ryan Kester, a teenage crime sleuth, speaks with certainty about the murders of 6-year-old Devon and 5-year-old Damon Routier, even though they died more than a decade before he was.

August 12, A judge in Dallas County, Texas, has issued an order giving defense attorneys representing Darlie Routier, a former Altoona woman on death row for the murder of one of her young sons, access to the district attorney's files in the case.

Routier's mother, Darlie Kee, who was raised in Altoona and still has many relatives in the area, sees this as another positive sign.

A Texas mother is on death row for murdering her two sons in They do not have equipment sensitive enough to get more details of that DNA.

Therefore the court approved additional testing but it must be paid for by the Defense. Please donate by paypal.

Darlie Routier could have a retrial; however, it will cost a considerable amount of money. There are a number of things that we can do to fund a retrial.

One way this could happen is by first making the case well known again.

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